Why Should You Consider Wearing Organic Clothes?


Remember the time when polyester fashion was one of the most hated materials ever? Criticised heavily for its texture and design? So much so, that John Waters used that term to describe all the evils of the American culture in his 1981 movie of the same name as the material.

It seems that times haven’t changed much and man-made clothing material is still under constant criticism from environmental groups and fashion elite alike. But with the rising risks of the hazards of wearing man-made material and seldom fabric options to choose from, what is our best alternative to clothing? The answer lies in organic clothing. Designed purely from naturally occurring materials here are a few reasons why you should consider wearing organic clothes:

Free from Chemicals and Pesticides

​As opposed to synthetic clothing, organic clothes are free from any (potentially) harmful chemicals and added preservatives. Cotton and other materials for organic clothing are grown with natural fertilisers. Most of the modern day pesticides are derived from toxic compounds that continue to risk human, animal and plant life. The "conventional" cotton that absorbs these pesticides poses the risk of skin cancer to human beings. By contrast, organic cotton is grown on pesticide-free land. This provides a safe, alternate clothing material.

No Allergic Reactions

Most of the common allergic symptoms we observe, such as constant itches and sneezes, are due to the fabric material we wear. Research concludes that synthetic fibres such as polyester, wool, and nylon are more likely to act as irritants as opposed to cotton. This reiterates the fact that organic clothing keeps you safe from common allergies and other external and internal irritants. Even in winters, using organic personalised hoodies can reduce your exposure to bacteria and other irritants, as they cannot latch on to organic clothing that easily. Looking for a proof? Try one and see for yourself, this winter.

Organic Clothing is the New Black

​​With the advent of "Eco-Fashion" more and more manufacturers and fashion designers are relying on the use of environment friendly material for designing clothes. Organic clothing is one of the most sought-after fashion trends in today’s world. Don’t believe it? Switch on your television and watch your favourite celebrities and athletes. Look closely at what they wear to red carpet events, and you’ll be surprised at the number of organic materials you’ll find there!

Easily Available

​Organic clothes are easily available in all clothing outlets. They are one of the most widely sold fabrics all across the globe. Just as you can order customised shirts and t-shirts containing synthetic fibre, you can also opt for customised printed t-shirts, customised hoodies and printed garments within and outside the UK.

It’s Cheaper than You Think

​​Cotton is one of the cheapest fabrics in the world. Organic cotton is even cheaper than that. Switching from customised synthetic clothing to customised organic clothing will also save you on your credit card bill. To learn more on the benefits of organic clothing and to get the cheapest deal on custom printed organic clothing, feel free to contact us!