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Screen Printed Clothing

Screen Printing by A4 Shirt Printers

Graphic mock up of 2 colour back print

Screen printing is a printing method that transfers your design onto an item of clothing or work wear of your choice. Your artwork is separated into its constituent colours and exposed onto a fine mesh screen that is covered with light sensitive emulsion. Ink is passed through this mesh screen onto your garment which is then put through a 'Curing unit' to bake the design onto it. For each colour in your design a separate screen is required as each colour is printed separately.

We are able to print up to 6 spot colours or if you wish to replicate a design with many more colours, gradients or achieve a photo-realistic print we use a system called 4 colour process printing. This works similarly to your desktop printer using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black to create the image. Spot colours can also be applied using this method of screen printing.

The prints created by silk screen printing are very durable, do not wash off (unlike some digital printing methods) and in many cases tend to be more durable than the garment itself!!


We require your artwork to be sent to us as a vector-line graphic, i.e. an Adobe Illustrator file as an AI, EPS or PDF file or CorelDraw file with all fonts outlined. We will prepare your artwork for printing and e-mail you a PDF mock up representing what your clothing will look like with your design applied. We require this mock up to be signed off by yourselves before we commence production.

Artwork Charges

When artwork for screen printing is supplied in our preferred format (a vector-line graphic, Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS file or a CorelDraw file with all fonts outlined) NO artwork charges will be incurred. We do accept other file formats such as Jpegs or Bitmaps but these must be provided in a high resolution (300dpi). If artwork is supplied in an unsuitable format artwork charges may apply depending on the complexity of the design. This service is available from £15.00 per hour.

Colour Separations & Screen Set Up

Once the graphic mock up has been signed off we are able to produce the colour separations we require for the initial stage of printing. For example if there are two colours in your design we would require two colour separations. Once the colour separations have been completed we are able to expose them onto screens in readiness for screen printing your clothing. For every colour in your design an individual screen is required.

Screen Set up Charges

Screens carry a screen set up charge of £20.00 per colour.

Screen Print Separations

Screen Printing Charges

Your design can now be printed onto your clothing exactly how you imagined using 1 - 6 colours or a 4 colour process print. Please see our screen printing price table below to calculate the cost of your printing. NB. All printing prices in the table below are based on purchasing your clothing from ourselves. If you wish to supply your own clothing, a 20% price increase will be added to all printing prices. All printing prices are exclusive of VAT.


Sample Prints

Here are a selection of custom t-shirt screen printing examples. We produce screen prints for businesses, promotional events, sports clubs, schools, retail brands and more!.

Example of 1 Colour Print

1 Colour Print

Example of 2 Colour Print

2 Colour Print

Example of 3 Colour Print

3 Colour Print

Example of 4 Colour Print

4 Colour Print

Example of 5 Colour Print

5 Colour Print

Example of 6 Colour Print

6 Colour Print

Example of 4 Colour Process Print

4 Colour Process Print