Embroidery is the craft of stitching your design or logo into the fabric of a garment such as a polo shirt, fleece, cap or shirt. At Shirt Printers we are able to stitch up to 12 colours into your embroidered logo design.

Embroidery is the preferred method of garment decoration for corporate and workwear clothing as it looks classy and is an effective way of promoting your company, club or promotional event. Our embroidery process can be applied to virtually all types of clothing including shirts and t shirts, hooded tops, embroidered polo shirts and baseball caps being amongst the favourites.

Popular embroidered garments

artwork file types


We require your artwork to be supplied as a Vector-line graphic either as an Adobe Illustrator file AI, EPS, PDF file or CorelDraw file with all fonts outlined. We do accept other file formats such as Jpegs or Bitmaps but these must be provided in a high resolution (300dpi).

Once we have received your artwork and you have chosen the the type of garment to be embroidered we'll produce a graphic mock of what your embroidered clothing will look like. If you are happy with it, sign it off and we'll commence production.

embroidery digitization

Embroidery Digitisation

We digitise your artwork so that our embroidery machines are able to calculate the required number of stitches required to reproduce your design. Digitisation does involve a set-up cost as this is done out of house. In general large complex designs cost more than simple text. For example an embroidery made up of plain text will cost roughly £15 to be digitised where as an embroidered left chest logo would cost between £20 - £25. If you require a large area of your garment embroidered or if your design is of a more complex nature please contact us by phone or email.

Digitization Set up Costs

Nø of stitches2000 stitches3000 stitches4000 stitches5000 stitches6000 stitches7000 stitches8000 stitches9000 stitches10000 stitches
Set up costs£15£15£15£15£20£20£20£20£20
Embroidery swatch

Embroidery Samples

Once your artwork has been digitized we are ready to embroider your logo onto your clothing. We can embroider a "colour swatch" for your approval before we go ahead with embroidering all your clothing but request that you ask for this service in advance.

embroidery positions

Typical Embroidery Locations

We can embroider your logo or design in up to ten colours in a number of locations. Usually the garment decoration will be an embroidered left chest or sleeve design but see the graphic above for more embroidery locations.

Embroidery Pricing Table

Nø of Garments2000 Stitches3000 Stitches4000 Stitches5000 Stitches6000 Stitches7000 Stitches8000 Stitches9000 Stitches10000 Stitches
10 - 24£2.00£2.20£2.40£2.60£2.80£3.00£3.20£3.40£3.60
25 - 49£1.80£2.00£2.20£2.40£2.60£2.80£3.00£3.20£3.40
50 - 99£1.50£1.70£1.85£2.00£2.15£2.30£2.45£2.60£2.75
100 - 174£1.35£1.50£1.65£1.80£1.95£2.10£2.25£2.40£2.55
175 - 249£1.27£1.40£1.53£1.65£1.78£1.90£2.03£2.15£2.38
250 - 499£1.20£1.30£1.40£1.50£1.60£1.70£1.80£1.90£2.00
500 - 999£0.95£1.05£1.15£1.25£1.35£1.45£1.55£1.65£1.75
1000 - 1499£0.70£0.80£0.90£1.00£1.10£1.20£1.30£1.35£1.40
1500 - 1999£0.60£0.70£0.80£0.90£0.99£1.10£1.20£1.25£1.30

Examples of our embroidery work

photo of Crimson Heat bag embroidery
photo of Live Well Strong polo shirt embroidery
photo of Real Ale Girls ladies polo shirt embroidery
photo of Rugby Club kit bag embroidery
photo of Sapphire Elite rucksack embroidery
photo of Semi Toned bag embroidery
photo of The Point Cafe polo shirt embroidery
photo of Wilmslow Town FC kit embroidery