5 Tips To Design Your T-shirt


Do you have something to share with the world? Share it using a custom design in your apparel. Sporting a custom designed t-shirt makes you look more stylish and trendy. While custom designed t-shirts represent your personality, the designing needs careful consideration of a number of factors. Here are a few tips that can help you get a great t-shirt that you can be proud of.

1. Plan the Design

​The design you wear reflects your creativity, thought and your personal style. Therefore, brainstorm the idea in detail. Get inspiration from within yourself as well as from your environment. Consider your age, profession and other related factors as well to make sure that the design goes well with your personality. You would surely not want to look like a teenager if you are a working professional. Also, decide the complexity of design. Some designs look more complex than the others however; simple designs have greater impact on people who see the shirt. People find one word or shorter messages, or simple graphics or logos more interesting than complex graphics and texts.

2. Choose the Colour

​The selection of colour is another significant factor to get the right feel of the t-shirt. Consider the event you are designing your shirt for. If the t-shirt is for holidays, you can use vibrant colours to reflect the excitement of the event while for a sporting event you can use light shades and keep the logo the focal point of the t-shirt. Besides, use good combination of colours to make the t-shirt more appealing. Using same colours for graphics and background can fail to create clarity and appeal. If you really want heads turned, use bold and contrasting colours for graphics to complement the base colour of the t-shirt.

3. Use Humour

​Everybody loves to laugh. If you can creatively add humour to your graphic or text, you might not only draw people in but also get appreciation from others. You can use a single word or a short witty sentence. Remember, use humour only if you are good at it, otherwise you may embarrass or offend some people with your bad taste.

4. Balance the Design

​Create a good visual balance of design. An unbalanced design creates a feeling of tension by drawing the eye to the area that looks unfinished. Shapes, textures, and colours can be used to fill empty spaces in the design.

5. Make a Statement

​Adding a statement to your graphic image can add meaning to your design. Most of the designs have deep underlying meanings while adding the saying that explains the meaning can make the t-shirt more attractive and significant. With online custom designed t-shirt stores, it is quite simple to get custom designed apparels to express your personal style. You can specify your requirements when placing an order and get the t-shirt printed without any effort.