Make That T-shirt Affordable


Hiring a professional printing company is recommended to make your personalised t shirt as customising them requires time and creativity. You can use screen-printing to create a personalised t-shirt if you want to design it yourself.

Getting that Personalised T-shirt

A variety of printing methods to create the perfect personalised t-shirt are on offer with a multitude of printing companies available to you. It is important for you to choose a printing company that is able to meet your needs in regards to your personalised t shirt with the utmost efficiency. You need to make a few considerations before getting your t-shirt printed.

Things to consider

You can create your own personalised t-shirt or you can hire a professional to design it for you but making sure the desired quality is present while meeting your budget is the most important factor to be able to own a quality affordable personalised t shirt. The following are the things you need to take into consideration before you personalise your t shirt.


It is important that you choose the appropriate material for such clothing. You are likely to have a wide variety of materials available to you from which you can choose. Polyester, nylon, synthetic fabric, cotton are some of materials that are likely to be available to you. Organic clothing is a good option to pick when choosing materials as they are free from irritants that can cause skin damage, can be re-designed easily and are relatively cheaper than other forms of clothing.


You cannot make that t shirt affordable if you don't take price into consideration. Every t shirt printing company has different rates but this is not the only thing that determines price. The price of the final product is subject to the type of printing and designing you choose. The volume of the personalised t shirt may well have an impact on the final price.


While price is important, compromising on quality is a big NO! To ensure the quality of your personalised t shirt, it is imperative that you seek a quality t-shirt printing company.

Lead Time

Another thing that you need to consider when personalising you t shirt is just a company that can meet your order requirement in terms of time period. If you want your personalised t shirt to be available to you within 10 days from the time you place the order and the t shirt printing company cannot promise that, then it is time to turn to another company.

Follow up service

A good t-shirt printing company will be available for follow ups and support services. The services would range from keeping a track on the manufacturing of your order and if required are able to contact the customer representative in regards to it. You will be provided with follow up and support services mostly through email, phone and online support.

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