How Do Your Clothes Speak For You?


Another candidate comes in wearing baggy, faded jeans. Keeping all other factors (such as intelligence, confidence and past experience) constant, which candidate are you likely to select for your organisation? If you've selected the first candidate, you are likely to have judged the individuals professionalism on the basis of his dressing. And that is just how the world works! Your clothing defines you. It helps determine your employability, ambitions, spending habit and even emotions in the eyes of others.

Dressing up for the occasion is a must. As they say, "first impression is the last impression" making sure your first impression counts. It goes a long way in establishing your profile in front of others. Here are a few ways on how your clothing speaks for you and how you can change that:

The Business Avatar

If you enjoy putting on formal or semi-formal attire for all events in your life (be it a birthday, a barbecue party or even a game of golf), you're coming off as a workaholic. People generally think of you as someone who puts his work and work-related accomplishments above everything else. Solution: try something new! Try putting on a printed t-shirt or a personalised hoodie for a change. See how (pleasantly) shocked your friends and family are going to be at that.

The Casual Way

A sharp contrast to the above scenario, if you fall under this category, you are likely to never take life seriously. Even when the situation calls for it! While it is good to have a relaxed demeanour, your baggy jeans and loose t-shirts wont work in helping you achieve your long term objectives. Solution: be formal once in a while. Check out printed shirts every once in a while. Let people know that you are not a joke and that you mean business!

The Designer Board

Always looking for branded stuff? Living under the impression that brand = comfort? If you define yourself by the brand you wear, it might make you popular among your social circle, but the world at large will see you differently. Psychologists believe that brand conscious people generally suffer from low self-esteem and broadcast their wealth to be treated well by others. Solution: get off the brand competition and try out cheap printed clothing. It looks attractive, is comfortable and saves on your credit card too.

Sober or Flashy Dressing

In either of these two extremes, you tend to speak out the one of the following: You're either afraid to draw attention to yourself (sober dressing); or you're constantly looking for attention (too bright clothes). Solution: try on different colours. Through customised garment designing, you can choose your own clothing and colour and design and break free from being stereotyped. To find out more on how you can change the way you dress and alter your image, check out our different offers and merchandise.

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