All You Need To Know About Custom Printed T-shirts And Clothes


Or is your business looking to attract customers by offering customised printed t-shirts with your logo on it? No matter how much you like to think otherwise, your clothing choices are always influenced by your individual wants and/or team goals. While theres absolutely nothing wrong with that, its choosing the custom printed clothing that can be problematic. The designing process itself is technical and varies from one customer to another, and so, its only logical that you should know all about custom printed clothes before you place an order for your customised printed t-shirt.

Check out the Printing Techniques

When it comes to designing your own t-shirts, you need to consider its purpose. If you're looking to promote your football team or any other business, the official logo needs to be legibly and prominently embossed on to the clothes.

Custom Clothing Guide

When you place an order, make sure to discuss printing techniques such as screen printing, Heat Transfers and Direct-to-Garment printing with your designer. Obtain a sample of one t-shirt printed under each method and then choose the t-shirt design that best suits your purpose.

Number of Colours

Colour combinations (particularly for the logo or design) are likely to have an impact on the manufacturing cost of the personalised printed t-shirt. Obtain a quotation from different manufacturers on the costs before you place your final order.

Quantity and Price

Customised t-shirt printing may vary according to the specifications of the customer. Whether you're placing an order for personalised clothing or buying ready-made customised clothing, check out all the prices and discounts offered by the vendor/manufacturer. If you're an organisation placing an order for bulk production, negotiate on discount terms and conditions before proceeding to place an order.

Consider the Size of the Design/Logo

The size of your logo or design is likely to have an impact on the price of your product. Discuss all the pricing terms and obtain all necessary price estimates, with respect to your design and logo, before proceeding to place an order.


If you want to give away free, promotional clothing, then you can achieve a compromise on quality to save costs. However, if you want to buy it for your own self or to give away as a gift to someone else, consider all t-shirt material qualities. Organic cotton is one of the most recommended materials for custom printed shirts. The material is free from carcinogens and chemicals and can be easily dyed to change colour.

Rely on the Best!

Printing customised clothing is an art. Just as everyone does not understand or have a taste for art, not every designer out there can become a brand name in customised clothing. Choose your vendor/manufacturer well. Do some research and look at their existing stock before placing an order.

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