Organic Clothing And Saving The World


You may well be a nature lover. Being a nature lover assures you of your place among the saviours of this planet. The concept of organic things is nothing new. At one time in this world, everything was organic. Urbanisation and commercialisation changed all that. While everyone is free to wear what they want, it is good to sometimes look at things from a different perspective.

Hazards out there

Humans are exposed to certain environmental hazards when they step out of their houses. Every day you come across in contact with polluted soil and water systems. Certain toxic elements are present in your regular clothing that mix with these chemicals. When these two come in contact you can get exposed to these chemicals which have known health risks.

What is organic clothing

Organic clothing is produced with the help of agricultural practises and is made from organically produced material. Pesticides and other toxins are not used to produce organic clothing. Organic clothing is environmental friendly clothing. Clothing can be organic if it is made from materials that have been grown and processed without the use of synthetic or artificial fertilisers, medications and chemicals. Garment printing may be used to personalise organic clothing

Benefits to health and planet

The use of toxic and persistent pesticides is reduced with the help of organic clothing. This helps in protecting the planet. Our regular clothing has dire effects on our skin which often goes unnoticed by us. Organic clothing saves our skin from getting effected. Organic clothing is non-allergic, eco-friendly, durable and sustainable. Organic clothing cause less oil and water contamination than non-organic clothing. They expose farmers, manufacturers and consumers to fewer health hazards. They contribute in minimising the effect of climate change by helping to minimise the emission of the green house gases. While using organic clothing you may use personalised garment printing to state your intentions to the world.

Cons of organic clothing

Everything in this world come with cons and the same can be said for organic clothing. The non availability of natural resources makes organic clothing a scarce commodity. Sometimes the natural resources used to produce organic clothing cannot be cultivated without the use of pesticides thus the true essence of organic clothing suffers. Only a few producers of organic clothing are present thus they are not easily available. Since it is a rare commodity, it may cost slightly more than regular clothing.

Conditions for Organic clothing

Organic clothing requires certain conditions to be met. These conditions include adhering to strict uniform standards. Need to be verified by independent state or private organisations, inspection of farm fields and processing facilities, detailed record keeping and period testing of soil and water to ensure growing standards are being met.

Our planet has given us so much to savour. Organic clothing may well be a mean of giving something back to the planet. The use of organic clothing can help you to save the environment as well as protect yourself from potential health hazards. You may even use personalised garment printing on your organic clothing to show to the world that you are one of the saviours of the world.

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