T-shirt Printing For Celebrity Endorsement


Printed t-shirts may well be used as walking billboards as they can be used to protest or endorse a celebrity and celebrity statements which could be either personal or political. When a celebrity use printed t shirts as a mean of self-expression more often than not people like you and me take notice and follow suit. Celebrities use these t shirts to voice their opinion and we echo the sentiments of our favourite celebrities by doing the same. T-shirt printing may also be used to promote a celebrity event. Celebrity endorsements could be carried out through printed t shirts in the following manner.

Making sure the celebrity dons it first

Printed t shirts may well be used as walking billboards but it is important to know who dons the t shirt first. People would not pay much heed to the message on your printed t shirt if it was not first worn by the celebrity himself. The celebrity donning the t shirt carrying the personal or political message adds value to the t shirt. When other people see the t shirt on you, it is bound to attract much more attention than it would do in the case of the celebrity not donning it. When a celebrity does something people as well as the media tend to notice it and more often than not highlight it and also follow suit.

Celebrity Endorsements

Make sure the message is worthwhile

If you want your printed t shirt carrying the celebrity message to become a trend then first make sure that the message carries enough significance. The message has no place on your t shirt if the message isn't strong enough to arouse a reaction from people around you. If you want to endorse a celebrity message through your t shirt, first monitor the attitude of your friends, family and other people around you in respect to the message. If it is able to extract any sort of strong reaction from them positive or negative, it may well belong on your t shirt. If that is not the case than it is best you do away with it or use it only in personal settings.

Knowing the legal consequences

Before you decide to use your t shirt to endorse a celebrity it is important that you know the legal consequences of it. If you decide to start a trend by negatively endorsing a celebrity through your printed shirt then you may have to face legal consequences as most celebrities take most things quite personally and have a few legal representatives around to slap you with law suits. Also certain celebrity messages may need prior permission from the celebrity so before getting that t -shirt printed make sure it has not been patented by the celebrity as you may end up in trouble if don't do so.

T-shirt printing is a great way to endorse celebrity statements or the celebrity themselves. On the other hand, it is important that you know the legal status of these endorsements or you may have to face legal consequences.

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