Tips For Personalised Hoodie Design


Just like any other type of personalised clothing, designing a hoodie is pretty simple. All you need is a great t-shirt printing company and a bit of creativity to make it happen for you. You should take into consideration the technical part of designing your personalised hoodie as well rather than just focusing on the design. In order to ensure you get the most out of your hoodie printing, we will be looking at a few things that will make this task possible.

Designing your Personalised hoodie

You should be able to create a hundred percent printable artwork in order to make your own hoodie. Artwork guidelines will be made available to you by t-shirt printing companies which will help you in the hoodie printing and design process. It is important that you get recommendations in order to choose a t-shirt printing service that will guarantee you a solid hoodie printing and design in line with your expectations.

You must consider the cost of printing your hoodie before you move on to the designing phase. The number of colours in your design and quantities decide the hoodie printing prices and suitable techniques. You may want to consider screen printed hoodies if your order size is over twenty five units, as it offers the best final quality, is most cost effective, is recommended for solid colour designs and lasts the longest.

Custom Hoodies

Even though you have about nine colours available to you, you need to take into consideration that the final price per hoodie printed increases with each colour as each requires a screen setup. Consider using direct garment printing if your personalised hoodies artwork has images such as photographs, shades and gradients. This technique is digital, provides a photographic quality and is the most recent technique. However, it is still marginally more expensive technique than screen printing or transfer printing and is not offered by all t-shirt printing companies.

It is important to keep in mind that designing personalised hoodies is a tad different from designing t-shirts. Personalising hoodies involves pretty much the same design process as custom printed t-shirts, but the shape of the garment and fabric is slightly heavier which makes it a bit different. Front pockets and zips are present on hoodies: areas which cannot be printed. Thus it is important to take the printable areas of your hoodie and the size of your garment into consideration before designing your personalised hoodie.Creating your own design, slogans and photos to stand out from the crowd is possible with personalised hoodies. With the perfect combination of comfort and style, personalised hoodies are ideal for spring and autumn, as they protect you from drizzle and keep you warm during harsh weather.

A t-shirt printing company will be able to assist you with your printing needs, thus choosing a reliable and professional printing service is important for you.

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