All You Need To Know About Organic Clothing


Other fibres that can be used with organic clothing are organic recycle fibres, leather, bamboo, hemp and Tencel. A clothing item like flax t shirts will only be deemed organic once it goes through the proper certification process.

Why The Hype?

Organic farming is believed to be more sustainable than the conventional type. Natural methods are used to manage soil quality, diseases and pests which may become an issue during the farming process. Organic clothing is one that makes use of any of these types of materials that are farmed without the aid of synthetic chemicals. Moreover it is not just the primary raw material that your clothes are made out of; even the dye if not made from organic ingredients will not be labelled Organic.

History Of Organic Clothing

Organic clothing has been around for a while. Organic garments were always baggy, did not have the tensile strength and the elasticity that other synthetics boasted. Moreover consumers steered clear of them because a) they came in dull and boring colours and b) all their colours used to fade pretty fast. That being said in the early 21st century manufacturers improved their techniques at a great pace and came up with what we see today to be fashionable, eco friendly and long lasting clothing lines. In fact organic clothing is now available as a wide range of work wear as well as fashionable outfits designed for the red carpet.

The Common Consumer

Organic clothing is most popular with little kids. This is because parents want to keep their babies away from residual chemicals that are present in conventionally produced fibres. Some parents simply do this because they support organic farming or they want to utilise organic goods as part of the new lifestyle they want to adopt. Organic farming does not release pollutants and vegans and vegetarians will most likely opt for this lifestyle choice. Many parents however have their children’s garments customised with graphic prints and appealing designs. This way they have a unique look in tow along with style and the best part is that you will not have to be the person who buys expensive synthetic clothing to comply with the fashion statements. Check out for the best and most affordable clothing line around town.

Why Is It So Expensive?

However organic clothing does come attached with a huge price tag. This is because organic production is relatively more costly than farming practises which use cheap chemicals. Plus many organic farmers are more concerned with issues like appropriate treatment of animals and worker welfare. These are the costs that are passed down to the consumers. Sometimes  in order to get a 100% organic outfit you have to go for things like unique hand dyed yarns which means which will only end up costing you more.