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We supply a huge range of fleeces from promotional fleeces through to high quality fleeces whether you are searching for a body warmer fleece, ¼ zip fleece, full zip fleece or ladies fleeces our range will not disappoint. We use the UK's leading fleece suppliers including Regatta, Uneek, Fruit of the Loom and Result guaranteeing quality fleeces which won't stretch you budget. We recommend you use embroidery to brand fleeces as this will produce the best result. Due to the nature of fleece material, embroidery is virtually always the best method to produce a fleece with a custom logo. Fleece material works better with embroidery and the durability of embroidery onto fleece is significantly greater than having a screen printed logo.

Our ladies and men's embroidered fleece collection is extensive, certainly one of the largest online in the UK and all men's and women's embroidered fleeces have been tested for the suitability of the material. The collection includes quarter zip fleeces that can easily be slipped on or off as well as full zip fleeces and body warmer type fleeces or armless fleeces and are available in different thicknesses and quality levels that are reflected in the price range.

The purpose of a fleece is to be durable and flexible with the warmth of the fabric being a key component and to that end our men's collection of embroidered fleeces are designed fit for purpose, ideal for clubs and buyers looking for durable and warm clothing that can easily be taken on or off. Our collection of men's embroidered fleeces come in a range of styles including micro fleeces, quarter zip men's fleeces and men's sports fleeces all available with custom embroidery.

Our range of ladies embroidered fleeces also come in a variety of weights but the cut on the ladies fleece is typically designed to be far more flattering than for men's fleeces. The colours available for women's fleeces with embroidery also tends to be more vibrant and the collection is designed to be more attentive to the fashion requirements of women that want to stay warm but also look great. Our prices are great as well and if you are looking to place a large order for fleeces with custom embroidery, our online price guide shows the great savings that you can make by placing your order with Shirt Printers. Our team is here to help, especially regarding any questions relating to our bespoke fleece embroidery service that you may have so please do not hesitate to call 01271 816158 if you have any queries regarding the suitability of this material for club, corporate or personal clothing.

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